… 3 things you can do today to achieve better results


This year you get 525,600 minutes to work with, we all do. The difference is what we do with it. How will you measure your year? "In daylight, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee” Jonathan Larson Today I want to share with you a simple process that anybody can adapt to improve their results. This helps if we want to improve our skills, improve our knowledge or … [Read more...]

… how you can contribute to BC Awareness Week

BC Awareness Week is coming up soon, starts Monday 16 March. How will you contribute? One really easy way is to sign up as a writer for the Flashblog project. For those who missed it, Flashblog is the simultaneous publishing of a number of blog posts on the same subject. You can find a list of Last Years articles here. We are doing it all again this year, so join in. … [Read more...]

… how to power up your BC marketing

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Time to start thinking about the upcoming football season here in Australia. For me that means Australian Rules football, of course. One of the success stories of the 2014 season was an Adelaide team called "Port Power". This is one of those rags to riches stories - a team that finished 16th (in a 17 team league) in 2012, improves to 7th in 2013 and then make it to the … [Read more...]

… risks, trends, resilience and the horizon


Last month the World Economic Forum issued its 10th annual Global Risks report. The report is free and you can download it here. I have always found these reports make interesting reading. What about you, have you read any of the earlier editions? In particular there are two aspects of these WEF reports that get my attention; they provide a better perspective on where … [Read more...]

… days of future passed


Have you thought about what the world might look like in 5 years time? That is what we, as a discipline, have been talking about for several months; What will Business Continuity look like in 2020? It is only 5 years away, can the world change too much in 5 years? It can be hard to try and see into the future. What if we look back at the situation 5 years ago as an … [Read more...]