… days of future passed


Have you thought about what the world might look like in 5 years time? That is what we, as a discipline, have been talking about for several months; What will Business Continuity look like in 2020? It is only 5 years away, can the world change too much in 5 years? It can be hard to try and see into the future. What if we look back at the situation 5 years ago as an … [Read more...]

… teaching your parents


Do you remember when you first started out in your chosen field of work? For some that might be easy, but for many it is a bit hazy. I know many things have changed in my time in the workforce. I spoke about change at a conference last year and mentioned the first piece of DR/BC software I had worked with, a product called DP80. When I asked for a show of hands nobody had … [Read more...]

Je suis …


Je suis un écrivain Je suis libre de penser Je suis Charlie. I am a writer I am free to think I am Charlie The global images of solidarity these past few days have been impressive don’t you think? This post is both an expression of support for the victims of the appalling events in Paris - but also something of a hope for the way in which the BC and resilience … [Read more...]

… eating an Elephant


I am a writer. Unfortunately I had forgotten that, and needed to remind myself. Have you had the same experience, where you neglect something that you care about due to pressures from other areas of your life? That is why I chose 274 as the first of my focus words for 2015. It is a constant reminder that I want to write, not just write but create a significant body of … [Read more...]

… 3 words 2015


When it comes to New Years Resolutions I have not been very resilient, what about you? It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the big night, fireworks (Sydney is certainly one of the first and as the picture shows, one of the best normally), retrospectives of the year past and motivation to make changes in our lives for the next 12 months. Generally the resolutions … [Read more...]