… 4 things we can do to help BC evolve towards resilience

Luna Park

A great start to the Australasian BCI Summit in Sydney today. If you are reading this at the Summit please come and find me to say hello. If you are not able to attend the event you can still interact with attendees and the ideas being presented via the Twitter tag The theme for the conference is intriguing, "Looking to the future, learning from the past" and it will be … [Read more...]

… times change, and so must we.


I was reminded today of him much the world has changed in my working life. I am travelling in the USA and staying overnight at Monument Valley. The picture is taken from the porch of the cabin I am staying in. I have no cell phone coverage, there is no TV in the cabin, but they do have WiFi and made sure they pointed out the password I would need to access. Many … [Read more...]

Why testing and exercising are essential for an effective business continuity programme.

... and how testing, exercising and rehearsing fulfil different purposes. We seem to have a bunch of different names for this process of verification within the BC community. Hard to claim that we are validating preparations as "Fit for purpose" when we cannot even agree on what to call the activity. To me Testing, Exercising and Rehearsing are very different activities. … [Read more...]

BCAW 2015 – Day 1

Welcome to BCAW 2015, I plan to live blog the various webinars and events I attend. Start here with The Testing Times - 1st Edition. Or sign up for Flashblog Very slow start running on Australian time. Finally made it to the first webinar -Why owning a pair of trainers does not mean you are fit. Discussing the full lifecycle and the things that are put in place ahead of … [Read more...]

… 3 things you can do today to achieve better results


This year you get 525,600 minutes to work with, we all do. The difference is what we do with it. How will you measure your year? "In daylight, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee” Jonathan Larson Today I want to share with you a simple process that anybody can adapt to improve their results. This helps if we want to improve our skills, improve our knowledge or … [Read more...]