… recognition and the need for new goals

Last week I was honoured to learn that I had been made a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute. I am very proud of the recognition, and it was something that I had been focussed on for the past few years. A goal achieved. The Fellowship interview was unexpectedly stimulating - a very positive part of the the whole experience. The committee posed an interesting question … [Read more...]

… education, learning and vocational training

September was promoted by the BCI as Education Month. There have been various webinars hosted, a competition to encourage people to update their CPD records and a bunch of discounts offered on BCI training courses. As the month winds down I am wondering if there was much focus on education and learning - or just more vocational training? My contribution was published by … [Read more...]

… Twitter, tools and truth

Sometimes the universe is trying hard to tell us something - and we just need to be alert to the message. After all, detecting, and acting upon, weak signals is one of the markers of resilience. Is this case the universe spoke to me in the form of two Twitter messages that I read at around the same time. The contrast, and the irony, appealed to me. The first Twitter … [Read more...]

… supply chains (physical, virtual and temporal)

IMG_0458 (2)

Despite the lack of recently written content, I see that there are still visitors to this blog. Those dedicated readers may have noticed that we suffered a supply chain disruption recently. Business Continuity is a relatively newcomer to the area of supply chain management and supply chain risk, perhaps this is part of the growing and maturing of our discipline? Tim Armit … [Read more...]

… conversations realised

Luna Park

Great day (and evening) at the Australasian BC Summit yesterday. In keeping with the quality and variety that has become the mark of this event there was a good range of speakers and topics on offer. The keynote presentation from the ABC's Ian Mannix was a great start to the day. Ian shared insights into how people react in a crisis situation and offered some useful guidance … [Read more...]