… take the plunge!

I am in Sydney at the Australasian BC Summit. It has been a good conference with a number of good presentations and plenty of interesting conversation.

But sometimes it seems we need to talk less and just jump into having a go.

Yesterday BCI Chairman Steve Mellish included some of the findings from the Horizon Scanning Report in his session.

#2 on the trends list (60% rating) was “Influence of Social Media”.

Why does that surprise us? Perhaps we would understand and be able to work with these tools if we practiced a bit.

Open up your Twitter client of choice and search for the Twitter stream from the conference. It is disappointing, virtually non-existent. Try BCSummit as a search string.

Is it related to a comment made to me about the overall age of the attendees?
Or is it cultural? I have certainly seen a lot more social media activity at North American conferences.

Learning, just do it!