… national culture and resilience


In Australia we celebrate our national day on 26 January - "Australia Day". While technically a public holiday, my day started with a trip to my primary client's site and several hours of crisis management before heading out to celebrate. Normally having my phone battery die is a bad thing, but this day was an exception. Our main event was going to a concert featuring … [Read more...]

… culture and consequences

When I wrote the first post in this series, I knew where the next step would lead. Those who have some grounding in this field of organizational culture will not be surprised that this next step is to look at the work of Geert Hofstede. Hofstede (pictured) is a Dutch sociologist who undertook research into national cultures and how they interact with, and shape, the culture … [Read more...]

… from ‘Piper Alpha’ to ‘Deepwater Horizon’, do we really learn?

A couple of days ago I started to read the latest report of the Buncefield Disaster. The report highlights some root cause of the disaster in management failings; "these pressures created a culture where keeping the process operating was the primary focus and process safety did not get the attention, resources or priority that it required." Sometimes it seems we never really … [Read more...]

… culture and risk

Image from People & Place

This post is part of a series that has (hopefully) highlighted the importance of understanding culture and its role in the quest to build and sustain resilience. Today's post explores the school of thought known as Cultural Theory of Risk - or just Cultural Theory (CT). This theory is mainly derived from the work of Mary Douglas and Aaron Wildavsky. The regular readers of … [Read more...]

… culture, complexity and chaos

Today I want to introduce you to the Cynefin Framework - which offers some fascinating insights into the challenges of resilience, and some of the potential reasons why this concept is difficult to define and achieve. It continues the theme in some of the earlier posts around culture and how our world views are often determined without our conscious understanding. Cynefin … [Read more...]