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It is Friday again, and here is some suggestions for weekend reading that you may want to sample.

For the second week in a row I am going to highlight a post from the IT Skeptic. This week, “Why IT Projects fail:underspend“. If you substitute in your mind “BC Project” for “IT Project” I suspect you will find the comments still apply.

This is simply because Rob is talking  about underspend on People and Process in projects that essentially about culture and business benefit. Sounds to me like a failing in a lot of BC and Risk programs also.

Over recent months I have had some blog supply chain disruptions (otherwise known as writers block – or just not enough time to allocate). One of the blogs that has often provided the motivation to get going again is Chris Brogan, in particular The Discipline to write daily.

For anybody who currently writes a blog and needs a boost – or those who are thinking of getting started – Chris’ work is very helpful.

My final suggestion for this week is another project that Chris Brogan is associated with Рthis one is called My Escape Velocity. The site offers a lot of advice and motivation for those who are seeking to make a change in their lives, it would be especially relevant for those who are seeking to break  out of wage slavery and get into some form of consulting role.

This aspect is probably a key interest for many in the BC and Risk space. It also offers some helpful little advice that is applicable to everyday goal setting and achievement.

As an example, take a look at this post “Your Escape Velocity Ingredients” written by Chris Garret. Don’t be put off by the graphic (which on the surface appears to come from a children’s book) this piece is just a simple way to offer hints and advice that can be applied to any change program you need to address.

How often do we hear about people who are dropped in the deep end having to stand up a BCM or RM program from scratch. You can use advice such as this to apply the basics, then layer some of the subject matter expertise over the top.

Of course there is another alternative – you can just take the lazy approach as John Glenn exposes in “Do my job for me“.

Have a good weekend.

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